Quiche Games

Quiche Games is a store dedicated to board game lovers, geeks, newcomers, buy-curious and all kinds of folk who just want to have fun with board games. Their goal is to not only provide the games you all seek, but also provide a bridge for those of you who aren’t familiar with all the board games out there. They’re here to help point you in the next direction and show you that there’s so many more greater things out there than Jenga and Monopoly. There’s no saying what’s technically “better” than one another, but they definitely want to try to show you the refinement of board games that exist today! They do what they love, and they hope to provide you with something you’ll love as well! Enjoy!
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Quiche Games


Board Game Bliss

They believe that games act as an excellent medium to bring joy to family, children and friends – especially the new modern games. The modern board games that they carry are very different from the traditional board games that you used to play. They carry different types of games that fit different people and age groups. We encourage you to give them a try and experience how good they are!

Their mission is to bring different types of games from around the world to their store for you at a great price.

BoardGameBliss believes that you will enjoy and be impressed by the games they carry. They hope these games will bring happiness and laughter to you and your family.

Visit them online at:
Board Game Bliss

TGL The Gamers’ LodgeWe welcome Edmonton’s newest board game cafe, The Gamers’ Lodge! They were happy to jump on board and provide us vending for gamers looking to buy some board games at the event. This was due to attendee demand so we though we’d team up with folks at Gamers’ Lodge to get this done.

A bit more information about them:
Community-focused board game cafe and retail store. Warm atmosphere, great coffee, beers, wine, delicious food and nerdy collectibles. Edmonton now has a new pop culture themed board game café! In addition to offering delicious food and drinks, we also sell board games, Funko Pop collectibles, novelty mugs and other collectibles!

They’re online at: The Gamers’ Lodge.com
or on Facebook: The Gamers’ Lodge Facebook

ENL Edmonton Nerd ListEdmonton’s “Nerd phone book”.

Lists of everything Nerdy in Edmonton. Comics, Video Games, RPGs, Cosplay, Artists, Services, Events and more!
Ever had a hard time keeping track of all the places in Edmonton you would like to go to? Tired of missing out on events you didn’t know about?

Welcome to the Nerd List!

Our goal is to keep this page simple and to the point. We’ll let you know about the latest Comics, Gaming & Collectible Stores in Edmonton. Look also for Edmonton-Based Nerdy Businesses, Events, Organizations, Facebook Groups and more!

If we’ve missed anything or got anything wrong… please tell us via Facebook Message or on Twitter at @YEGNerdList!

Fongo Fongomongo GamesEdmonton’s Premier Board Game Designer!

Fongomongo Games is a Canadian board game company. Created by Nicholas Fong. We design strategy and war games. We also design kid friendly family games.

Facebook: Fongomongo Games Page!

Elements Element CollectiblesIntroducing one of our sponsors and vendors at Kefcon!

Elements Games, Collectibles & Apparel, specializes in unique handmade jewelry and apparel (including custom work), along with pop culture collectibles and various assortments of board, card and party Games. Elements is a new up and coming business based in the Parkland County area. You can catch them as a vendor at various trade shows and conventions. They are super excited to be a part of this event and are looking forward to meeting and networking with you all!

Elements is also happy to provide Kefcon with a copy of Above and Below!

Also follow them on Facebook: Elements facebook Page!
You can also follow them on Instagram and twitter @elements_gca