****If you are interested in teaching/running games fill out this form: HERE and we can add it to the schedule!****

How to Register for KEFCon (please read fully):

1) Go here - https://www.warhorn.net/signup and create a Warhorn account

2) Login to your Warhorn account
3) Click on “Browse upcoming conventions”, then filter by “KefCon” or just click here: KEFCon on Warhorn.net
4) Select KEFCon then in the upper left corner select “register for this event”
5) Browse the event listing (while logged in) by going here - To register for an event click the “play” button for that event.
6) Then you sign up for the events you want.
7) Please note that your paypal information should be the same as your Warhorn name.  Registration fee for the event will be $25.00. That way we know you paid when we're monitoring game signups. :)